Hypnosis is a state of mind where you are awake and in control but feeling a dream-like relaxation. It is in this state where we work towards achieving your goal to change a psychological characteristic or habit.

This therapy can help with many personal goals such as weight loss, anxiety, quitting smoking or other addictions, self esteem and motivation. Hypnotherapy can be used at all life stages including sessions for children, teens and adults. This can be especially effective at sensitive times such as at end of life stages.


You may have heard that hypnosis could help

And it could. During our sessions, we discuss what your goals are. From there, we may do a meditation or ask you to imagine a peaceful scene. This is the start to guiding you to achieve your focused but deeply-relaxed state. In each session, we may discuss topics such as how your life might look if you achieved your goal or expressing feelings around a specific time in your life. In each session, clients are participating and remembering.


You must be willing to participate

A person cannot be forced into a hypnotic state and while in that state you can’t be forced to do something against your will. Your therapist helps guide you, however, you are in control and you allow yourself to be hypnotised. It is ideal if you come with an open mind and be clear and honest with yourself and your therapist.


So how does this actually work?

As we move away from the conscious mind, a person becomes more accepting of, and willing to adopt, new ideas. At this time, we do visualisation exercises. Clients who have a good imagination and an ability to concentrate and keep mental focus tend to gain better results from hypnosis. It may take a few sessions to be able to learn the skill of relaxation or concentration as well as to plant the seeds of thought or explore issues you may have chosen to investigate. Multiple sessions enable us to reaffirm the new behaviour, therefore ensuring longevity. You may also gain some tips to assist between visits and/or during a stressful time.


Is it safe?

When guided by a qualified therapist, hypnosis is very safe. There are rare circumstances where a person may feel dizzy, headache, anxiety, nausea or have false memories.


What can this help with?

There are many uses for this type of therapy. Addictions, behaviours, over-eating, anxiety, fear and pain are just a few of the uses.


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Meet Christiane Taylor

Hi, I’m Christiane or Chris. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist in Geraldton, Western Australia.

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I assist people to connect with themselves and to the wheel of life in their own rhythm to enrich and to engage with their inner soul.

After obtaining my Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy in 2017 followed by a Certificate III in Micro Business, I started CT Hypnotherapy as a home-based business. Find out more

  • Betty
    "My partner used to have 2 TVs going while working at home. A lot of noise and unable to calm down. Now he relaxes and does not run around like crazy with all the noise."
  • Thomas
    "....not radical changes but significant differences in the way I operate. Used to sit on the couch and think of things I want to do but too tired to do them. Now I just get up and do them. Used to tire myself out by just thinking about things I need to do. At work, or around the house. Not complicated things, but somehow they seemed huge, intimidating and tiresome. Now I just do them, without thinking. And without stressing about it. Little changes. Big impact."
  • Michele
    "The last session took away a lot of anxiety. This has been noticeable and useful."

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